Personal Style

Makeup is Hard. Tried & True Products to Help Look Your Photographic Best.

Makeup is hard. Applying it to be photographed (or for special occasions) adds a heightened level of anxiety for even the steel nerved. I admit I never really paid much attention to makeup. Mine or my clients until I started spending hours editing out overly applied eyeliner, oily noses and face sparkles. Then I took it seriously, spent oodles of time reading and watching beauty blogs (which I'd never done before) and put together a solid list for my clients to be better prepared. 

Business Advice

If You're on LinkedIN, You Need a Business Headshot

You have a meeting or a date with someone you’ve never met in person before. What’s the first thing you do?Of course, you Google him or her. Nine out of ten, their LinkedIN profile picture pops up and it’s a selfie or a grainy vacation picture of them. From this very first impression, you judge them, but how could you not? Selfies are for Facebook and Instagram. If you want to be considered as someone going places in your industry or want more callbacks when you apply for a new position, your visual image needs to say just as much as your resume – replace your grainy selfie with something that makes the person looking at you actually want to meet you.