I'm so excited to shoot a portrait of you! I always feel like people are more relaxed when they know what to wear/expect on shoots so I put together this little overview. The most important thing is to wear something that makes you feel both amazing and comfortable/like yourself because that is what it is all about. Also, when you're comfortable, we'll get spectacular shots. Take a read through and if you forget all of this, have no fear, I'm here to guide you on this journey. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Jenn 


WOMEN: Everyone has a dress, blouse or suit that makes them feel amazing and that total strangers comment on. That is the outfit you should choose for this. Clothes that contrast your eyes or skin tones make you stand out from the scene, so don’t be afraid of color (unless it is neon, which casts a weird color on skin). The most important thing is that you pick something well-tailored. Colorful earrings, a hat, scarf, sweater or a leather/rain jacket are also encouraged because they give you something to play with during the shoot. 

Choose matte foundation, flat colored eyeliner/mascara and blush when getting ready. Products that sparkle accentuate wrinkles. Go easy on your eyeliner. It's hard to edit out and almost always makes the eyes look more narrow. If you're not a makeup person, just wear mascara and under eye foundation. Drink lots of water before your shoot and wear Chapstick. It will make your lips look moisturized (not shiny). You can add your favorite lip color on top of that if you like color. Hairspray and pomade (!) are fantastic at smoothing flyaways. I've got some if you don't. 

MEN: A suit with contrasting tie or slim button up with dark jeans always works. Choose clothes that contrast your eyes or skin tones and don’t be afraid of color (unless it is neon which casts a weird color on skin). Well-tailored clothes always look better on camera. Anything with a deep V neck will make you look naked if we’re doing headshots. If you are planning to wear a black or navy jacket, have it dry cleaned. It’s very difficult to edit out lint and wrinkles.

Shave the morning of your shoot, and apply a tiny amount of moisturizer. Drink lots of water before your shoot and wear Chapstick. It will make your lips look moisturized (not shiny). Hairspray and pomade are fantastic at smoothing flyaways. While you’re getting ready, listen to your favorite song and practice some poses you’d like to try during your session in the mirror. It may feel weird but it’s a great way to start your session relaxed. If you tend to be nervous on camera, have a half a glass of wine because it will loosen you up. 


BEFOREHAND: The objective of this project is to capture the best version of who you are. Think about postures you naturally make. Do you tend to lean on your hands? Do you stand with your hands on your hips? Do you stand with one leg behind the other? If so, I'd love to capture these and what characteristically makes you YOU. Also, if you have a photo of yourself that you love, send it to me. If you tend to get VERY nervous on camera have a half a glass of wine beforehand. Though be wary. Too much and your face will (*sorry*) look a bit saggy. Plft, gravity! 

SETUP: If we're shooting outside, it will take me about 10 minutes to choose a good location, setup and calibrate the camera. When you get there try to breathe in the location. Feel the air, the wind, the sun. This will help you relax. If you get to the shoot before me, start looking around and think about what you might want in the background. I think of shoots as collaborative experiences, so if you've got suggestions, let's try them. 

HOW TO STAND/FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: I’ll start out by giving you some direction about how and where to stand. It can be a little nerve wracking at first but the best way to lose those nerves is to start moving. Moving makes you more comfortable so please feel free to shake it off, twirl, jump, squat, lean on things, smile, don't smile, put your hands in your hair, cross your arms behind your back, and do whatever you're feeling. I'm here to make you look amazing and I've got plenty of digital space so GO FOR IT. I won't be screaming 'be the tiger, be the tiger' but I'll be thinking it. Kidding. ;) Every time you hear the camera click, do something different. I swear after five minutes you won't even notice the camera anymore. Also, I've always got music on my phone so ask for it or bring yours and let's turn it up. 

REVIEWING SHOTS: I will let you review the shots as we’re shooting to give you an idea of what we’re capturing. As you are reviewing keep in mind that you are looking at the raw shots. Sometimes it’s hard for folks to look at these, so if you’d prefer not to review, let me know. 


PROOFS: I will go through all of your shots after your session and choose the best ones and post them to Dropbox for you to review within 3 to 4 days of your shoot. When you’re reviewing your contact sheet, look for your expressions you like the best. Most things can be fixed during the editing process.

RECEIVING FILES: It’ll take about a week to turn around your four edited images. Additional edited images are $40/per image. 

PAYMENT: You can pay in cash, via check or submit payment through PayPal to jennheflinphoto@gmail.com, Venmo @jennheflin or check or cash.