Hello! I always feel like people are more relaxed when they know what to wear and expect on shoots so I put together this overview. The most important thing is to wear something that makes you feel both amazing and comfortable and like yourself because when you're comfortable, we'll get spectacular shots. Take a read through and if you forget all of this, have no fear, I’m here to help.


When picking clothes for your session, choose clothes you'd wear to meet new clients. Bold colors and dark colors all photograph well. Colors that compliment your skin are great (it’s the color total strangers comment on). Pockets give you something to do with your hands. Be sure to choose something well-tailored that has recently been cleaned. We’ll be shooting in very high resolution and the camera will pick up every single hair or lint that’s hard to see with a naked eye.

For makeup, choose MATTE products. Products with shimmer accentuate lines. Use a light-hand when applying eyeliner. It's hard to edit out and can makes eyes look narrow. If you want to get your makeup professionally done: Sephora, Ulta, Benefit and Mac are good options. Tell your makeup artist it’s for a business headshot with lights so you need matte products. A good artist will ask but it’s always better to be clear IMHO. If you're not a makeup person, moisturizer, mascara, under eye concealer, translucent powder over your nose and cheeks and chapstick/balm (non-shiny) will help you look your best.

For hair— hairspray and pomade are fantastic at smoothing flyaways which will be visible to the camera. If you have long hair or hair that’s typically in your face, it's a good idea to find a way to pin or spray it back. This will maximizes the amount of usable shots we'll get.

Unless you wear a beard or stubble as a matter of pride, shave the morning of your shoot. Don’t forget those nose hairs and between your eyes. Apply a tiny amount of moisturizer to your face. Drink lots of water before the shoot and put on some Chapstick or lip balm (because it’s not shiny).


BEFOREHAND: The objective of any session is to capture the best version of who you are. Think about postures you naturally make. Do you tend to lean on your hands? Do you stand with your hands on your hips? Do you stand with one leg behind the other? If so, I'd love to capture these and what characteristically makes you YOU. Also, if you have a photo of yourself that you really like, send it to me.

SETUP: It will take me about a bit of time to setup and calibrate the camera. When you get there, try to ground yourself as best as possible. Feel the air, the wind, the sun. If inside, hum your favorite song or think of a favorite moment in your life or what you like to eat (random but it gets you out of your head). If you tend to be very nervous, pretend you’re someone else (think Beyonce channeling Sasha Fierce!). This will help you relax. I think of shoots as collaborative experiences, so if you've got suggestions, let's try them. 

HOW TO STAND/FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: I’ll start out by giving you some direction about how and where to stand. It can be a little nerve wracking at first but the best way to lose those nerves is to start moving. Moving makes you more comfortable so please feel free to shake it off, jump, click a pen, smile, don't smile, put your hands in your pockets, cross your arms behind your back, and do whatever you're feeling. I'm here to capture the best version of you and I've got plenty of digital space. Every time you hear the camera click, do something different (this will give you more options). After five minutes you won't even notice the camera anymore. Also, I've always got music on my phone so ask for it or bring yours and let's turn it up. 

REVIEWING SHOTS: I will be shooting tethered from the camera to the computer so you’ll be able to see what we’re capturing. Keep in mind that you are looking at the raw shots. Sometimes it’s hard for folks to look at these. If you’d prefer not to review as we’re shooting because it’s distracting, let me know and we’ll turn the monitor away.

LIABILITY WAIVER/MODEL WAIVER: Every client must complete a liability waiver/model release. You can view and print the release here. Please bring it with you to your session.


PROOFS: I will go through all of your shots after your session and choose the best 20-40 shots and put them in an online gallery or you to review within 3 to 4 days of your shoot. When you’re reviewing your contact sheet, look for your expressions you like the best. Most things can be fixed during the editing process.

RETOUCHING: During the editing process I will remove minor blemishes, lighten lines under the eyes and adjust the color and crop the final image. I do not remove wrinkles, swap heads or slim limbs. If you like additional retouching, I would be happy to refer you to professional retoucher. It’s expensive but if you have a specific look in mind, it’s worth it.

RECEIVING FILES: It’ll take about a week to turn around your edited images (unless we’ve spoken about about a different timeline). I will upload the final images to Pixieset where you can download a zip file of your final images. Please download your images ASAP. I usually clear out this online gallery after about two weeks.

PAYMENT: Payment for your session is due in advance. Please book your session through Square. If you are having trouble finding a time, please email me at jennheflinphoto@gmail.com and let me know what time your preferred time. Sometimes I can move things around to make the work for your schedule.

Anything else? Please don’t hesitate to ask. Otherwise I will see you soon!